Building your dream house

Building Dreams

Your home is your sanctuary, the abode you spend quiet or fun moments in with the family, your daily escape from your stressful work environment. So it’s very important to make your home as cozy as possible. When planning to build a house, one of the first things to do is hire a builder. Professional and seasoned home builders have a vital role in understanding what you require, drafting designs, making project cost estimates, and supervising the progress and completion of the project. While you can do these things, a certified builder can do them much better.

Building Your Dream Home

One of the ultimate dreams of many people is to leave their rented apartments and finally move into their own homes. A home building project is demanding but rewarding. After months of planning and seeing the progress of the project, you get to finally see the fruit of your labor. Builders don’t just erect homes. They also help clients arrive at better budget and design decisions.

Proper Planning

Builders supervise the planning and progress of a home building project. They have architects, who handle the design, and interior designers, who handle the aesthetic aspects of the job. They also employ manual labourers who perform the physical work. Moreover, builders handle or supervise purchase and transport of materials and coordinate with or employ plumbers and electricians. Home building is a complex work that needs constant overseeing. This is where the team from Dave Thomas Constructions really shine because of their years of experience.

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Being the heart and soul of every home, the kitchen should be functional and have enough space to accommodate your family and friends. But since it is the centre of the home and the hub of activity, your kitchen should also be visually appealing. This is why having it modernised is beneficial. Below are some modern kitchen renovation tips to give your kitchen a fresher look.


You need to set a budget first before planning anything. The types of the materials you are going to use for the renovation depend on your financial capacity. The design of your kitchen will also be affected by your budget. You need to spend money on labor charges, as well.

Imagine what your dream kitchen would look like. Let your personality and preferences lead you when planning a design for your new kitchen. Be sure that it should both be beautiful and functional. Visit websites and read magazines to have concepts for the design of your kitchen. If you’re still undecided, try consulting a contractor or designer to have additional modern kitchen renovation tips. Make a wish list of the things you want for your modern kitchen. But be sure to consider the design and the available space.

Use Beautiful Materials

For a glossy and up-to-date upgrade, use solid surface countertops. It is more preferable by many people in kitchen re-modelling compared to counters covered with tile. Obviously, solid surface countertops give a cleaner look with a wide of colours and materials. Caesarstone is one of the most popular countertops nowadays. It is beautiful engineered quartz stone made ideally for any interior surface. You can also choose marble as countertops but it is permeable and very soft.


Use sleek, unembellished cabinets for your kitchen. Modern cabinets are usually flat, smooth, and uncomplicated. They can visually occupy up to seventy-five percent of the room that’s why having the right cabinets is very important. But if you don’t have the budget for new cabinet, you can still achieve a similar look just by replacing or repainting the doors of cabinet boxes. You can also choose translucent glass for your cabinet doors instead of solid.

Appliances & Splash-backs

Any modern kitchen has high-quality appliances. Usually, these appliances are stainless steel. With its neutral finish, stainless steel appliance compliments with most modern kitchen design. Aside from that, it’s durable, almost rust-proof, and easy to clean.

Have a visually interesting splash-backs. In a modern kitchen, they do not just keep splatters and spills from staining walls. Splash-backs could add beauty to the room with the perfect combination of colours and luminosity.

Most modern kitchens have high-style faucets. Don’t limit faucet style to the conventional look because you have a lot of designs and sizes to choose from. Good lighting can add drama to the room. To make your kitchen look cool, use pendant lighting to illuminate your work surface. You can also put under-cabinet lighting to create a nice warm texture to the kitchen. Re-modelling your kitchen will not just increase the comfort in the room but also the property value of your house. With these modern kitchen renovation tips, you can now start planning for your home’s new look.

Use a licensed builder

Use a Licensed Builder

Home constructions and renovations may be too difficult and demanding for any property owner to handle alone. This is why professional builders are here to take the burden off your shoulders and see the project through.

We help you figure out the best design for your new home. Together we will sift through design ideas and options and put these ideas into action and results.


This is one of the most important reasons why you need an expert home builder, particularly one that has been around for a long time. As mentioned, home or building construction is a complicated project that involves paperwork, designs, construction, and management. Challenges occur at some point during the progress of the project. Seasoned builders expect these challenges and know how to deal with them effectively.

Understanding Varying Client Budgets

Good home builders know how to work with how much the client is willing to spend. Not all clients have enough money to burn. The good thing about getting consultation prior to making arrangements is you get to visualise the actual expenditure a home building project entails. The budget lies in a delicate balance between how much you are willing to spend and what kind of result you want to see. Nevertheless, maximising your budget is necessary. You don’t always have to buy premium materials to have a cozy house.


One of the risks of handling the project on your own is that you could incur damage to your property or your neighbour’s. You don’t have to worry about that when you hire a reliable builder or renovator.

Contracts and Warranties

You can always safeguard your money through contracts and warranties. The contractor is liable in case premature damage or defects happen after the completion of the project. A good contract protects you as a client in case agreement, expectations, and objectives are not met or satisfied.