The quality of our workmanship is Second to None We guarantee superior quality for all budgets in Maryborough and Wide Bay.

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Our budget Maryborough and Hervey Bay homes are
  • well crafted
  • professional
  • beautiful
and built to a high standard.

Building stunning budget homes is our
  • passion
  • lifestyle
  • profession
& we're proud of it

We're Experts in Budget Home Design

Our designers utilise their specialised skills to collaborate with your specific needs so that they can help make your home a dream come true.

Advanced Home Building Techniques

Our advanced modular construction methods allow us to build extremely affordable custom homes that are simply stunning to look at.

We allow you to work with one of our highly-skilled architect designers who fully understands the proper construction methods, designing techniques, and required government regulations to ensure your home is built safely & affordably. Dave Thomas Constructions will continually work with you to ensure that your home is built smoothly throughout every stage of the construction process & our finished results are impeccable.  Get in Touch With us ➙

Budget House Builders and Designers